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Reflecting the diverse communities we work in through BAME staff development

Looking back 18 months, I think I can admit to being a bit smug. We have always made local recruitment part of what we do. Reflecting the diverse c...

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Finding the strength to move forward – Carly’s Be Well journey

My mental health and confidence was on the floor when we first met – you really helped me to pick myself up after a year of grief a...

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From surviving to thriving – Lucy’s Big Life Journey

'I was afraid for myself and my family. I didn’t want to die but I saw no other way in my mind. This is when I knew I had to get help'

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Child poverty – it’s time to be outraged

When I spoke at an event last week on child poverty, one of the audience asked – why aren’t we outraged? Well, I am outraged.

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No more important time to break down barriers

In the face of adversity, there has never been a more important time to break down barriers and to build stronger communities.

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Working Well, Feeling Better – Kelly’s Big Life story.

I didn't want to leave the house. I basically pushed everyone away; I just wanted to be left on my own.

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Enjoying life again: Katherine’s Big Life journey

My therapy has changed my life. I feel lighter - like a cloud has lifted me!

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Facing Fears: Helena’s Big Life Journey

I can now say I have less anxiety, I am a more positive person, and I know how to improve my situation

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Out of My Comfort Zone: Therese’s Big Life Journey

Having someone guide me through developing techniques which help me deal with my anxious symptoms was very supportive

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Taking Control: Kris’ Big Life journey

I was always made to feel ‘at home’. I felt valued, and this gave me so much confidence

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Stars recognised at annual Big Life awards

Almost 300 staff from across Big Life came together on Friday 21 September to celebrate their hard work at the 2018 Staff Awards.

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Question free schools – but don’t overlook the success stories

When we decided to bid to set up and run a free school, it wasn't an endorsement of educational policy, but a pragmatic response.

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Volunteer to full-time: Andrea’s Big Life journey

I looked in to volunteering as a way of gaining the skills and experience I was missing.

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Taking the plunge: Siobhan’s Big Life journey

"I saw a poster advertising apprenticeships, so I thought I’d give it a go, and went ahead and applied."

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Kick-starting a career: Sarah’s Big Life journey

"Working at The Big Life group has provided a lot of opportunities for me to progress my career in mental health."

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Coronavirus update

In light of the current situation, we are making changes to the way we deliver services at the moment. One-to-one appointments that would normally be delivered face-to-face will now take place over the phone or through video call. There is no need to call us to confirm – your regular point of contact will call you at the time your appointment was scheduled.

We are also no longer holding groups inside. We’re currently arranging alternatives where possible through considering walking or virtual groups. Please contact your group facilitator, or the centre where the group runs from, for more information.

If you’re worried, think you may have symptoms of Coronavirus or want further information, see the latest advice from Public Health England.

Finally, if you’re struggling through self-isolation, please don’t feel alone. There are local community groups being created all over the country, which you can find here. Alternatively, you can call our community centres in your local area, which you can find here.