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The Big Life group joins Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

Exciting news! The Big Life group is now a member of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. We’re proud to join this initiative that promotes fair and inclusive employment practices throughout our region.

As a social enterprise with a large workforce in Greater Manchester, it’s essential for us to demonstrate our commitment to creating a great place to work. By embracing the Charter’s principles, we’re not only fostering a fair and inclusive environment but also advancing our mission to fight inequality and inspire positive change.

Fay Selvan, our Chief Executive, shared her enthusiasm about our membership, saying, “We’re proud to become a member of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. By joining forces with like-minded organisations, we can champion good employment practices and make a real difference in people’s lives.”

Joining the Charter offers us numerous benefits. We gain access to valuable resources, guidance, and support to enhance our employment practices. Plus, we become part of a network where we can share best practices and learn from others committed to improving employment standards across Greater Manchester.

At The Big Life group, we’ve always been dedicated to social justice and community empowerment. Joining the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter is a natural extension of our commitment to creating a positive impact on our employees and the wider community.

Together, we’ll continue to prioritise fairness, equality, and job satisfaction, ensuring that everyone we work with feels respected and valued. We’re excited about this new chapter and the opportunity to collaborate with other organisations to champion good employment practices.

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