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Wellbeing Matters creates opportunities for anyone living in Salford to improve their health and wellbeing by taking advantage of the support voluntary organisations, community groups and local activities offer.

We know that living and feeling well goes beyond your immediate physical and mental health. That’s why your local Wellbeing Matters Community Connector will support you to deal with everyday things that stop you getting to where you want to be. Things that can range from loneliness and long-term conditions to housing and money worries.

But we don’t just offer support to you. We also make sure the local groups and organisations we connect you with can get things going by helping them recruit volunteers and offering info, advice, and grants.


Ask your GP, GP practice staff or health care professional to put you in touch.





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Wellbeing Matters is for anyone who lives in Salford, or whose GP surgery is based there. That could be you, if support in the community rather than just a medical approach would help. Ask your GP, GP practice staff or Health Care Professional to put you in touch.

When you come to Wellbeing Matters, you’ll talk to the Community Connector based in your community. Working at your own pace, they will listen to you and find out what matters to you most. Then using their in-depth understanding and knowledge of your neighbourhood, they will help you improve your health and wellbeing by connecting you to activities, services and organisations that will help you get to where you want to be.

Community Connectors can talk to you on the phone or see you at GP practices and in community settings.

Wellbeing Matters is led by Salford CVS and, through the Salford Third Sector Consortium, six voluntary sector community enterprises act as anchor organisations employing a Community Connector. These anchor organisations are The Big Life group, START inspiring Minds, Unlimited Potential, Social Adventures, Inspiring Communities Together and Langworthy Cornerstone.

Alongside social prescribing Wellbeing Matters and Salford CVS works to develop the capacity in local communities to support volunteering and voluntary action through Volunteering Development Workers.