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Unity Nursery gives children aged 2-4 the chance to learn through imagination, creativity and play in a safe, fun space.

We believe that wellbeing is central to children’s success. With a strong focus on nurture, we put children’s personal, social and emotional development at the heart of everything that we do.

Our curriculum has a strong focus on understanding the world and is built around child initiated, play-based learning. Our approach ensures that our children are confident, courageous and willing to take risks in their learning.

Empowered by a strong sense of wellbeing, our children are able to develop real and meaningful skills which are embedded through practical experience and application. Our children aim high and stay positive, knowing that making mistakes is an important part of learning.

We are passionate about the way that we work. We feel strongly that putting wellbeing first creates curious, independent and creative learners who are secure in their own ability to apply what they know.



Opening times:

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm


Fees vary depending on your circumstances

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Unity Community Primary School
41 Allesley Drive
M7 4YE

Phone Number:

0161 674 9952