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Big Life Homes provides high-quality accommodation, offering low-level support with housing-related issues such as money management.

Big Life Homes aims to reduce the inequality of access to safe and supported accommodation through a range of developments specifically for people who have experienced homelessness.

Having secure, supported accommodation is one of the first steps to recovery and to people turning their lives around.

We believe that everyone deserves a decent place to live. Too often people living with addiction get the worst– the worst housing on offer and the worst access to health and care services.

We never give up – we don’t know what makes someone change or when it will happen but we continue to provide opportunities.

Belmont House and the Kremlin, both in Liverpool, offer low-level support through a housing outreach support worker, which isn’t available through most private landlords.

Belmont House and the Kremlin’s accommodation is for people who have previously been vulnerably housed and are now ready to maintain a tenancy, but still need some low level support with housing related issues.

All of our supported housing schemes are run for the benefit of our tenants, neighbours and the local community, and are not-for-profit.

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