Staff awards 2022 nominations

The Big Life group staff awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of staff and teams across Big Life.

The nominations will all be judged by members of the Big Life board, with the winners announced at the staff awards ceremony. More information about the date and venue of the awards will be made available throughout 2022!

Team or individual awards

Our first award is open to both teams and individual entries!

Best Green Initiative
Across Big Life, we’re seeking to respond to the climate crisis in all sorts of ways. Do you know of person or a team that’s really doing their bit to make us greener and protect our planet?

There are two ways to nominate your colleagues for a Big Life Staff Awards.

Awards for teams

Next, we have three awards for teams who have excelled this year, exemplifying the Big Life Way through their work. Please read the below and nominate either your own team, or a team you have worked with, who deserve to be recognised in each category. When you nominate, try to make sure you reference one or more Big Life Way:

Best Place-based Work
Can you tell us about a piece of work that’s having a real impact in the places we work? We want to see different teams and services coming together to make a difference.

Best Learning and Development Project
Big Life prides itself on being a learning organisation, so we want to hear from you about the great pieces of learning or development happening in our teams.

Best Service User Engagement 
We can only improve our services and do more for our communities by talking and listening to the people who we support – and acting on what we hear. Tell us about a time when engaging with service users or experts by experience has had a positive impact on the way your team delivers a service.

As well as these three awards, there will also be a Team of the Year prize, voted for on the night!

Awards for individuals

The next group of awards are for individuals who you feel best live one of our values:

Courageous award 
Who do you think demonstrates their courageousness and should be recognised for this? Perhaps they have stood up for the people The Big Life group works with or they are proud to be different where difference is needed.

Creative award 
Which person do you think deserves recognition for being creative? They might have used their creativity to grab people’s attention or found a creative solution to a problem?

Honest award 
Do you know a person who should be recognised for their honesty? They might have been honest with themselves or with the people they work with? Have they built on their strengths and improved on their weaknesses?

Inspiring award 
Who inspires you through their work? Is there a particular person who you think is inspirational and who you want to tell everyone about? Have they inspired you or someone else they work with to do something new?

Thoughtful award 
Who do you think should be celebrated for their thoughtfulness, for reflecting on what they do and considering how they can do better? Is there someone who demonstrate their thoughtfulness who you would like to see acknowledged?

Valuing Difference award 
Which person would you like to be recognised for valuing difference, for seeing the unique qualities, insights, skills and perspectives people have to offer?

Wellbeing Champion
This award is to recognise that wellbeing at work is so important to being a happy, successful organisation. Do you know someone who has supported you or their colleagues? Has someone gone above and beyond to help you with a problem? Maybe they just consistently brighten your day. Let us know!

And finally, as ever, we have one special award:

Outstanding Employee award 
Who in your team has gone that extra mile, or extra 100 miles, to really help change people’s lives through the work that we do? Who has embodied all the values of The Big Life group in everything they do in the work place? Who has been an inspiration in the office, creative in their thinking and honest and courageous in their approach?

Nominate by video

If you would like to submit a video nomination, please send it via WhatsApp to Laura Rogers on 07878 481 646. Please start your video by saying your name, the name of the award you’re nominating for, and the person or team who you’re nominating. To give our judges a good chance to understand why your nomination should be the winner, try to make your video around one to two minutes long, and give good detail.

Nominate in writing

If writing is more your thing, then you can nominate using our online form here.