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Enjoying life again: Katherine’s Big Life journey

My therapy has changed my life. I feel lighter – like a cloud has lifted me!

My mum died of cancer in 2000, and it wasn’t until nearly ten years later that I reached for help where I got CBT for post-traumatic stress disorder.

On top of this, seven months ago, I was told that my newborn son had Down’s Syndrome. This triggered an anxiety in me that I hadn’t felt before, and I found that the times I was spending with him in the months following simply weren’t pleasant. Similarly, stress was put on the relationship between me and my husband due to my negative moodsets.

I heard about therapy through a doctor, and was having treating within six weeks of being contacted; when my boy was about four months old.

I recommend therapy to anybody that may need it; it has been so helpful to me – specifically having access to information that we discussed in sessions inside a booklet. It has allowed me to rationalise my thoughts and get a grip of my worries.

My health worker was the nicest, most caring person as well. The best listener, she helped me realise I can help myself outside of sessions through my booklet.

My therapy has changed my life. I feel lighter – like a cloud has lifted me! I can finally enjoy things more, enjoy family time more.


Coronavirus update

In light of the current situation, we are making changes to the way we deliver services at the moment. One-to-one appointments that would normally be delivered face-to-face will now take place over the phone or through video call. There is no need to call us to confirm – your regular point of contact will call you at the time your appointment was scheduled.

We are also no longer holding groups inside. We’re currently arranging alternatives where possible through considering walking or virtual groups. Please contact your group facilitator, or the centre where the group runs from, for more information.

If you’re worried, think you may have symptoms of Coronavirus or want further information, see the latest advice from Public Health England.

Finally, if you’re struggling through self-isolation, please don’t feel alone. There are local community groups being created all over the country, which you can find here. Alternatively, you can call our community centres in your local area, which you can find here.