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Service User Case Studies

Pauline’s Story

Pauline is a 58 year old mother of three for whom Community Voice has been a pillar of support helping her live a life free of addiction. She spent 25 years on heroin and crack cocaine, and after losing her home in 2007 finally began to look for some help to move on in her life.

Pauline’s mother died in 1975 and she moved in to her mother’s home to look after her younger sister, plus her three children then aged 15, 12 and three. “I never really got over the death of my mother. I was 32 when I started using drugs and I used them every day for 25 years.”

Pauline found herself losing control of many aspects of her life. “Prison was one of  the lowest points of my life. I then lost my home because I was accused of criminal behaviour. I ended up in a hostel and while there I was signposted to Community Voice and they helped me build the confidence I needed to come off the drugs.”

Pauline has been drug free for nearly two years now and credits Community Voice’s meetings with giving her the courage to move forward. She attended her first Community Voice event in 2008 which enabled her to find out what help there was available to her.

I’ve had a lot of help from Community Voice; their meetings are really useful to me. Hearing about other people’s experiences gave me the confidence to do something about my substance use.”

Since becoming a service user with Community Voice, Pauline has attended several courses to give her vital life skills to live drug free.

“I’ve been on a peer-to-peer course, where people who are coming off drugs give each other the confidence to do the same. I’ve also attended a First Aid course which included harm reduction, and how to lead a healthier life. I also went to recovery event with really useful workshops.”

“I now attend Community Voice’s regular monthly meetings where everyone is there to support each other and share help and advice.”

(Pauline’s real name has been changed for anonymity.)