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What is Community Voice?
We are a user led drug and alcohol service which gives people in Liverpool the opportunity to have a real say in the drug and alcohol services available in the city.

Who is Community Voice for?
We are for anyone who has been affected by drugs or alcohol. Alongside people who currently use drugs and alcohol this also includes parents, grandparents, carers and colleagues of people who use drugs and alcohol.

Do you have to live in Liverpool?
Yes, you must be a resident.

Do you have to be drug free?
Community Voice is open to people who are drug free and people still using drugs or alcohol. We ask that if you are using drugs/alcohol and want to attend a meeting that you are not intoxicated when you attend.

How are we funded?
We are funded by Liverpool Integrated Commissioningfor Addiction and Offender Health which is part of Liverpool PCT.

Does Community Voice represent services as well as service users?
We work primarily with service users to ensure they have access to appropriate and that any gaps in services are bridged. Community Voice works with services to look at ways of increasing service user involvement through organising service user groups, for example.

Is Community Voice a ‘watchdog’ for services?
We aren’t a watchdog. We work with services to help them increase service user involvement, we have done a number of mystery shopping exercises with services on their request to gather feedback from service users.

Who owns Community Voice?
We are led by service users and managed by the Big Issue in the North Trust.