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Stockton Children’s Centres

About the centres

In September 2004, the Star was one of the first children’s centres to open in Stockton.  The Frederick Nattrass Children’s Centre followed in January 2008 and provides services for families in the Norton area of Stockton.

In 2012 Stockton Borough Council made a decision to commission some of its children’s centre services and in June 2012 Big Life Families successfully became the provider of services in the Frederick Nattrass and the Star.

Changes in the original boundaries has meant that families that used to attend the centres may no longer be in the catchment areas but if these are the easiest centres for you to access, we would be very pleased to see you.

The teams at the Star and Frederick Nattrass centres are proud of the services they deliver to the local community and they are beginning to become recognised as friendly places to visit with lots to do if you have a child that is under-five.