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Gorton School Updates

Big Life Schools are planning to open a new all-through school in the Gorton area.
The new school would have a nursery alongside it, offering Gorton families access to support from 0-16 years old.
The school will be created and designed to meet the needs of the Gorton community.


Update 04/10/2016

Our proposal has been submitted for consideration by the Department of Education, and we hope to hear the outcome of our bid in January 2016. 



Why do you want to open a school in Gorton?

Big Life Schools are not interested in competing with existing schools, but look to set up schools in areas where there is a recognised shortage of places for local children – which is the case in Gorton.

We already have a nursery in Gorton, so we have a link within the community, and feel able to work with local people to understand what they would like to see in a new school.

Will it be a faith school?

No. We feel strongly that a Big Life School in Gorton should celebrate all cultures and faiths, and value the diversity in Gorton’s communities.

Where will the school be?

At the moment, we are still exploring options with Manchester City Council, but it will be somewhere with a recognised need for extra school places.

Will it be a brand new building or an existing site?

That is dependent on the area that we agree has the most need. In the two existing Big Life schools, we have used both options – Longsight has a brand new building, while Unity is currently in an existing community centre, with plans to rebuild on the site by September 2016 to create a school large enough for its full intake of pupils.

When would it open?

If everything proceeds as planned, the school would open its doors to its first intake of pupils in September 2018.

How can we find out more and get involved?

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