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Our Values

You can’t change the world if you work in the same old ways. Everything we do will be driven by the need to help people change their lives, however small or large those changes might be. The Big Life group works differently, constantly challenging ourselves and others.


Inspiring – We will inspire people to change their lives, their businesses and their communities.

Valuing Difference – We strive to find the unique qualities, gifts, insights, skills and perspectives that different people offer.

Creative – We look for new ways to do things and always question what is ‘accepted’. We seize opportunities and look for new solutions.

Courageous – Sometimes the people we work with are blamed as the problem in society. We will defend their right to first class services and opportunities to change their lives.

Honest – We are honest with ourselves and with others. We want to build on our strengths and learn from our weaknesses because our clients deserve the best.

Thoughtful – We will reflect on all that we do. We take time to consider how effective we are and how we can be better. We do not react to circumstances, but proactively work to achieve our vision.