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The Big Life group is one the largest social enterprise group in the country.

The Big Life Company
Making a success of good business
The Big Life Company aims to grow successful social enterprises, by providing a range of support services to help social businesses grow and in turn, to help people change their lives.

Self Help Services
Helping people to help themselves
Self Help Services provides self help groups and other initiatives to people experiencing mental ill health and/or social exclusion.

Big Life Centres
Helping communities to help themselves
Big Life Centres enables people to live their best lives. It does this by developing health and well being centres that deliver holistic services to improve the quality of life for people living in disadvantaged areas.

The Big Issue in the North
Working not Begging
The Big Issue in the North is an independent, innovative publisher whose mission is to provide a means to earn an income for people who, for a variety of reasons, would struggle to do so otherwise.

The Big Issue in the North Trust
Improving lives
The Big Issue in the North Trust supports vendors of The Big Issue in the North to get the services they need to improve their lives.

Big Life Families
Inspiring lives
Big Life Families supports parents and children to achieve their full potential by delivering high quality, welcoming and accessible services including children’s centres and family support services.

Big Life Nurseries
Big Life Nurseries provides a number of daycare nurseries across Greater Manchester that deliver high quality care with well trained staff.

Big Life Enterprises
Achieving aspirations
Big Life Enterprises believes everyone has the potential to achieve their aspirations. It grows and supports innovative enterprises that provide training and employment opportunities to people who have struggled to access the mainstream jobs market.

Open Door
More than just health
Open DoorOpen Door is a social business which is committed to ensuring that the people who are most vulnerable in society get the opportunity to access a range of health and care services, and get the information, advice and services they need to improve their lives.

Longsight Community Primary
Based in the Longsight area of Manchester, Longsight Community Primary is The Big Life group’s first free school. Working together with Longsight Children’s Centre (which is based next door and is managed by Big Life Families) the school is part of an innovative 0 – 11 years model providing high quality, national curriculum based teaching with an emphasis on language and communication.