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About us

The Big Life group

The Big Life group is  one of the largest social businesses in the country and everyday we demonstrate the added value that social businesses can offer whether that’s in working with people to help them earn an income through The Big Issue in the North, establishing health and community resource centres through Big Life Centres, offering employment and training opportunities through Big Life Enterprises, offering locally based childcare through Big Life Nurseries, helping families in needs with Big Life Families, running a health and resource centre in partnership with the PCT in Grimsby with Open Door or helping people start up their own self help groups through Self Help Services.

Our mission is to change the world and turn it upside down. We provide first class treatment to people who usually receive third class services. We give to the poor what the rich already have, by creating wealth and opportunity. We are proud to be based in the North and working with people in the North. We are not afraid to lead the way and challenge the norm. We will change the world.

What makes us different


We provide First Class treatment to people who usually receive third class servicesHANDUP1

We offer a Hand Up and support people to help themselves so they are in control


We do not know what makes someone change or when it will happen, but we always offer the chance and we Never Give Up


We work with People Not Problems, seeing the people that we work with as a whole and helping them with all aspects of their lives


We Tread New Ground, we don’t just do what everyone else is doing, we innovate


We are not a soft option, and believe in Tough Love, we have clear boundaries and help people see the consequences of their choices.