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The Children And Parents Service (CAPS)

What is CAPS?

CAPS runs across Manchester, offering help to pre-school children and their families. The service aims to intervene at an early stage to prevent or help with young children’s behaviour problems, and help them and their families to be the best they can be.

Programmes offered through CAPs include:

Incredible Years Parent Programmes

Incredible Years Parent Programmes are well proven to effectively prevent and treat behaviour problems in young children. All CAPS staff are accredited parent group leaders to ensure great outcomes for children. There are two kinds of Incredible Years programmes:

Video Interaction Guidance

Video Interaction Guidance is used to develop good relationships and attachment between parents and their children. All CAPS staff are accredited to make sure that parents and children get the most out of this approach.

Pre-school Psychology Clinics

Our clinics offer assessment for 0-4 year olds to identify appropriate interventions, including both Incredible Years Parent Programmes and Video Interaction Guidance.


How can I access CAPS?

Parents and children access our CAPS by being referred by a health professional, such as a health visitor, GP or midwife.


Information for referrers

There is a 12 week window prior to start of a Incredible Years Parent Programme during which referrals are accepted by telephone. Applications for the course will then be completed at a jointly arranged outreach visit with the family, the referrer and CAPS course leader. A list of courses and further information about the referral process is available here. For information about upcoming CAPS courses, please contact 0161 227 9960.


Get in touch

North CAPS Team

The Bridge
Madison Place
Northampton Road
M40 5BP

Tel: 0161 203 3263
Fax: 0161 203 3253


Central CAPS Team:

Millennium Powerhouse
140 Raby Street
Moss Side
M14 4SL

Tel: 0161 227 9960
Fax: 0161 227 9964


South CAPS Team:

Carol Kendrick Centre
Stratus House
Southmoor Road
M23 9XD

Tel: 0161 902 3423
Fax: 0161 902 3450


Head of CAPS Early Intervention

Dr Caroline White, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Tel: 0161 203 3263

CAPS is a partnership between the NHS, Manchester City Council, Family Action, Banardo’s & Big Life.