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Feedback on Module 3: Conducting Asset Based Conversations

“Enabling self care is about patient taking responsibility for their own health and as a professional, coaching and motivational interviewing is one way of making patient self realize their own goals and aspiration and how to come up with their own solutions that are viable to them….I find the workshop very useful in my line of work and I just wanted to say thank you for this learning opportunity which has proven to improve patient experience and outcome. I feel that this is the way forward and the direction we should all be working towards to.”

Camille Short, Active Case Manager


“This was a brilliant course, I think everyone should have access to it. It actually shows you how to have a conversation with people in a better way.- The day after the workshop I had a consultation with a lady that I had worked with before and tried this way of doing it and it was a completely different outcome.  Using the coaching I felt for the first time we actually got to the bottom of things and she felt that I had listened more than last time.  I think we are going to have a much better relationship going forward.”



“I feel it can cut down on session time as it can get to the root of the problem and allow the patient to think about what they can achieve rather than expecting the answers to be provided and steps taken on their behalf.”

Matthew Frosdyck, Focused Care Practitioner


“fantastic motivation to change our mind-set and therefore help shift patient’s ideas of their healthcare, i.e. increase their participation/activation in own health. this would then decrease use of our services and therefore help us all to save money. …..I have had a different type of conversation with a patient who had told me they hadn’t been walking for 12 months. I coached the patient to think of a goal herself and this was to go outside and make herself a cup of tea. On the ward we then made a cup of tea together and she has now progressed to walking with a frame and having further rehabilitation at home.”

Daisy Lord, Senior Physiotherapist


“I am now using the TGROW model in my future practice and feel that this has given me more direction and focus. I feel this is giving the client more options and supporting their decisions enabling them to self care.”

Helena Brien, Active Case Manager


“This course was absolutely brilliant. It was all about making our conversations more effective with patients in order to motivate them, get them self-caring when possible, coaching them into lifestyle changes therefore using less services.

All evidence based in terms of styles of coaching and mentoring. There’s proof telling someone to change doesn’t change their behaviour therefore doesn’t stop them bouncing back into hospital/using CASS in our case. I would recommend it to anyone.

It’s a way of working and thinking shift that doesn’t cost. It doesn’t add any more time, in fact it saves time talking about irrelevant things and focusing on their behaviour changing.”

Senior Physiotherapist


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Feedback about Module 1: Introduction to asset based approaches to person centred care

What participants found most useful about Module 1 was….

“Discussing asset based approaches, overcoming barriers etc. with partners who attended as this will lead to action in our area – the course helped to facilitate discussion about issues in my area of work with partners in organisations outside my own”

“The overview of strengths based approaches was good/useful, and the opportunity for most of my team to harmonise their awareness/understanding of strengths for them worked”

“Identifying community assets, coordinating and mobilising existing assets, working in partnership.”

“I liked the mix of theory to underpin knowledge then group work to explore this.”

“Meeting people from different services – knowledge of community services.”

“Team working – it enabled us to interact, share experiences and network’

“Networking with other colleagues, sharing the practical suggestions.”

General comments from Module 1 participants:

“The training was very well delivered and extremely interesting.”

“The session is very informative and helped me reflect on my own practice and what I can do differently – Thank you”

“An educational day. I have a better awareness of asset based care now.”