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‘Person, Partner, Place’ (PPP) is a pilot workforce development programme that supports integrated teams to provide the best possible person-centred care through the use of asset-based approaches that build on the strengths of people and their communities.

The PPP programme is made up of three modules:

The PPP programme is free to attend and open to staff based in Manchester with the One Team (health and social care) and voluntary sector partners. For the latest Person Partner Place

See training dates for module dates, locations and an application form. Send application forms to


PPP is facilitated by the Big Life Consortium group, a partnership between Big Life Group, TPC Health and Manchester Metropolitan University and funded by Health Education England North West in partnership with Manchester CCG.


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What do we mean by asset-based approaches?

Asset-based approaches value the capacity, connections, skills and knowledge of individuals and communities. Approaches might include:

Asset-based approaches can help to strengthen the factors that support good health and wellbeing, protect against poor health and foster communities that help sustain health and wellbeing.

Why is this needed?

The vision for the NHS is to develop a new relationship with people and communities in which people’s own life goals are what count. To achieve this, the health and care system needs to start with what matters to individuals and recognise the central contribution that resilient communities can make to improved wellbeing.

What are the benefits?

Asset-based approaches can help to:

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