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Pathways Rochdale Drug and Alcohol Service

Pathways RochdalePathways Rochdale is the substance misuse treatment service for the whole of the Borough of Rochdale. We are a partnership between Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust and the Big Life group.

Our aim is to help anybody from Rochdale to address their alcohol or drug problem. We are non-judgemental and treat everyone who approaches us as an individual and adapt services to meet their need.

You access our service through Renaissance and depending on your needs the range of services we can offer include:

Our central belief is that we are all capable of making changes that will improve our lives. Anybody struggling with an addiction can recover and live a full purposeful life.


What we can offer

One-to-One Coaching

We are able to provide a worker who will work with you to explore how you can control and stop the problematic use of drugs or alcohol. The worker will not judge or preach. Rather they will put you in charge and give you the chance to explore issues that are causing such damage to your life and develop techniques to take control.

Medical Help

Pathways can provide medical help as needed to address drug or alcohol issues. We will, where appropriate, provide substitute prescribing to replace an opiate addiction. We can arrange a clinical detoxification from a physical alcohol or drug addiction.

Harm Minimisation

We provide information and advice on how to reduce the adverse effects of using drugs or consuming alcohol. We also provide guidance on how to avoid blood born viruses like HIV or Hepatitis. When people are injecting a drug we can provide clean equipment to help protect their health.

Group Work

We hold groups across the Borough of Rochdale that enable you to explore issues with those in a similar situation. All the evidence shows that the more help you take the greater the chance of achieving abstinence and maintaining it. Many of our groups are facilitated by people recovering from addiction themselves. They give a positive, dynamic example of the power of recovery from addiction. We believe that by being well connected you are at far less risk of addiction. With this in mind we actively promote mutual aid, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Smart Recovery.

Support for Concerned Others

We facilitate a weekly group for those affected by the addiction of somebody they are close to. You could be a parent, son, daughter, grandparent, carer, partner or close friend of somebody in addiction. The group will help you to manage the problem and minimise the damage to other family members and friends. People come to the group and learn from others in a similar situation.

Just come along when the group meets on a Wednesday evening between 5.30 and 7.00pm at Pathways, 14 St Chads Court Rochdale OL 16 1QU.


Volunteers are at the heart of our service. Many of our volunteers are in recovery from personal addiction but many are not. Each brings different talents and experiences to the service which are truly valued. We are always looking for new volunteers. It’s a chance to help people in need and contribute to the quality of life in the Borough of Rochdale. We also offer training opportunities to improve knowledge and skills.

Interested in volunteering? We would love to hear from you. Please phone 01706 751175. Introductory sessions are held fortnightly.


Ours is a confidential service. We will respect your need for privacy. We will only break agreed confidentiality if we believe that the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult is at risk.

How to access the service

If you believe that you have a drug or alcohol problem and want help please phone Renaissance on 01706924883. Alternatively you can call in to see them at 72 Drake Street Rochdale OL16 1PA between 9am and 3.30pm. They are closed for lunch between 12.00 and 12.30pm. They will direct you to Pathways if that is the right service for you.