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What we do

Big Life is in the business of changing lives, creating opportunities for people who have the least.

We start where people are at, and support them to get to where they want to be

More than just delivering first class education and childcare: We support the whole family from birth onwards. We offer volunteering, training and work opportunities; and programmes to develop health and wellbeing.

More than just working with people to improve their physical or mental health: We help people look at everything affecting their wellbeing – from employment and housing to family and money issues.

More than just moving people into work: We help people look at everything that will enable them to find and stay in a job – from family, relationships and money issues to health and skills.

Seeing the whole person

We know there might be all sorts of things stopping people from getting where they want to be. People juggle health, work, relationships and much more besides, so when one thing goes wrong, it can cause problems in other areas, especially for those with little financial or social support to begin with.

That’s why we look at every aspect of a person’s life, and work with them to remove all those obstacles on the journey to changing their life for the better.

Valuing life experience

At the heart of Big Life are people with personal life experience of the issues we support people to overcome. Our services have been informed by their unique insights and perspectives. Because of this our services are easier to access and are shaped to meet individual needs.

Having staff and volunteers with different life experiences means that we are best placed to know what is needed, where the gaps are and how to fill them.

Seeing strengths not weaknesses

We value and build on the skills, knowledge, connections and the potential that all people and communities have to offer.

We empower people – instead of doing things for people, we help people and communities to do things for themselves, leading to long term and sustainable change.